My Wishlist for Things 3 on iOS:

  • TextExpander support
  • dark mode (with auto-switching)
  • drag & drop of tasks out of Things to Calendar to create appointments (great for planning your day)
  • badge setting to show only “overdue” items, rather than “due” as well
  • dedicated “waiting for” or “delegated” view and/or ability to filter those tasks out of the “available” view

Somebody needs to make iPad dongles that don’t dangle.

A day later, my biggest iPad Pro question is how easy (or difficult ) it will be to take off the keyboard folio.

If it’s difficult, I wonder whether you can fold the keyboard behind the iPad and lay it flat without harming the keyboard.

Glad I locked in a decent sales price for my iPad Pro. I’m gonna need those $s.

Just bought my Mailhub license. Fantastic piece of software!

Fall fog.


After a couple weeks with it, the iPhone XS Max (in gold!?!) is my favorite iPhone of all time.

Runners up:

  • Jet black iPhone 7
  • White iPhone 5s

Take two with Prizma: C11C4E6F-65F6-40A9-AE1C-219342743FB5.jpg

Trying out Prizma…

A new phone means it’s time for a new home screen shot:


Wow. Thought I’d have strong feelings one way or the other. But I’m completely undecided between an iPhone Xs, Xr, or even Xs Max (despite how horrible the names are)

So smoky in Portland now. And I gather it’s all imported smoke from California and Canada. F24E484B-3AC1-4288-89CF-7C27ABA4BD32.jpg

I enjoy the graphic design of this can almost as much as its contents.

Slabtown sure is changing fast. This was nothing but ugly parking lot when I moved to town…

I’m having a period of font obsession. My current favorite: Concourse

I’ve got to see if I can get my MicroBlog to display with Concourse. (I know it’s possible. I just have to learn exactly how…)

Hmmm, I wonder if any company is taking advantage of the GDPR onslaught to insert some scary “humancentipad”-like terms into its policy…

Micro Monday recommendation: @abouthalf who posts lovely links to art, food, and a smattering of tech.

Just trying out this Drafts action…

Early Saturday mornings after a good sleep are the absolute best time for a weekly review with an iPad and a nice hot cup of coffee.

Happy Bike Month everybody!

If you’re in Portland, you ought to sign up for the Bike More Challenge.

Drafts 5 day is a very good day.

Here it is (had to repost to avoid the auto-cropping)

Been looking to get back into posting, and since my last post was about cleaning up my home screen, I thought posting a screenshot would be a great way to ease back in.

I may be one of the only people who prefers a ragged bottom line of apps.

Seeing a bunch of home screen shots reminded me that I’m in need of some reorganization.

I’m definitely a single-screen guy. What folders do folks use to organize their apps?

Anybody have any contact-creation automation tools? Yesterday I had to enter 18 people into my Contacts. I searched for and used .vcf files and used Interact’s scatchpad. But even then the chore was stupidly time consuming and finicky. There must be a better way.