Challenge No. 3 of using plain text for legal work:

Collaborating. Your colleagues, co-counsel, opposing counsel, clients, and even the courts all expect you to use .docx for editable documents.

Challenge No. 2 of using plain text for legal work:

The end product must be paginated. Legal documents include header, footer, page number, table of contents and of authorities, margin, font size, and even line number requirements.

Challenge No. 1 of using plain text for legal work:

The end product must still be rich text. A contract to be signed; a brief to be filed. All require some amount of styling to be easily read. Plain text doesn’t provide that inherently.

Reason no. 5 to prefer plain text to .docx for legal work:

Plain text is a common denominator. Almost any tool can generate plain text. CLI/GUI/dictation/scribbling on an apple watch. You don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Reason no. 4 to prefer plain text to .docx for legal work:

Archiving is better. Plain text files will be just as usable, readable, and searchable in 10 years as they are today. (RIP .doc, .wpd, etc.)

Reason no. 3 to prefer plain text to .docx for legal work:

Lawyers are bad at Word. Most lawyers do not know how to use styles properly. Those that do often insist on using bad styles. Fixing formatting takes too much valuable time.

Reason No. 2 to prefer plain text to .docx for legal work:

Automation. Scripting and automating plain text documents is much easier and more flexible than automating .docx binaries. And there are far more tools to work with.

Reason No. 1 to prefer plain text to .docx for legal work:

Version control. It’s much easier and less expensive to store and compare versions of plain text documents (using git or otherwise) than it is to do so with .docx binaries.

I’ve been playing around the edges of trying to adapt various plain-text technologies—everything from git to markdown—to the practice of law and the creation of legal documents. I’m not yet convinced that this is practical. But I’m going to start posting about it anyway.

Looks like Apple also dropped the price of storage upgrades to the Mac Mini today.

Going from 256GB -> 1TB is now $400, not $600

Another iOS 13 request:

Dark mode is all well and good, but I want it to automatically switch based on ambient light (much like OmniFocus/Things/Drafts do today)

Prediction: Voice control of iOS in iOS 13 forms the basis of full iOS scripting in iOS 14.

ISO is a gorgeous typeface. (Just look at those numbers!) Inspired by the lettering on nice cameras, it’s still in development. If you love the look of a good monospaced font check it out and consider buying now.



The eventual subscription bundle is just:


Say you’ve got a 2015 iMac with the hideously slow 5400rpm drive. Do you pay ~$300 to upgrade to a SSD? Or do you save that money toward a new iMac whenever they get updated?

It took me a while to realize it, but the industrial design of the new iPads reminds me of the Titanium PowerBooks more than the iPhone 5:

  • flat rectangles with vertical sides and rounded corners
  • slightly contrasting materials

Winter colors: FAD07A6B-5B81-4661-A6B2-2375E1891873.jpg

My Wishlist for Things 3 on iOS:

  • TextExpander support
  • dark mode (with auto-switching)
  • drag & drop of tasks out of Things to Calendar to create appointments (great for planning your day)
  • badge setting to show only “overdue” items, rather than “due” as well
  • dedicated “waiting for” or “delegated” view and/or ability to filter those tasks out of the “available” view

Somebody needs to make iPad dongles that don’t dangle.

A day later, my biggest iPad Pro question is how easy (or difficult ) it will be to take off the keyboard folio.

If it’s difficult, I wonder whether you can fold the keyboard behind the iPad and lay it flat without harming the keyboard.

Glad I locked in a decent sales price for my iPad Pro. I’m gonna need those $s.

Just bought my Mailhub license. Fantastic piece of software!

Fall fog.


After a couple weeks with it, the iPhone XS Max (in gold!?!) is my favorite iPhone of all time.

Runners up:

  • Jet black iPhone 7
  • White iPhone 5s

Take two with Prizma: C11C4E6F-65F6-40A9-AE1C-219342743FB5.jpg